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Mansar Lake

Situated 62 kms from Jammu, Mansar is a beautiful lake fringed by forest-covered hills, over a mile in length by half-a-mile in width. Besides being a popular excursion destination in Jammu, it is also a holy site, sharing the legend and sanctity of Lake Mansarovar. Newly weds consider it auspicious toper form three circumambulations (Parikarma) around the lake to seek the blessings of Sheshnag, the lord of serpents, whose shrine is located on its eastern bank. There are also some ancient temples on the lakes shores, which are visited by devotees in large numbers. Mansaris also ideal for boating for which the Tourism Department provides adequate facilities. For the convenience of visitors a well lit flagstone walkway has been laid all around the shores.

A Ruined Palace, Mahor Gadh Ruins, Food & Crafts Festival & Chhing Festival

The lake is about 4-km in circumference and surrounded by dense mangrove stands, backed by pine trees on the slopes of the hills. Like Surinsarthe lake is also covered with lotus flowers in summer.

Places To look Around

A Ruined Palace

Beside the Lake there is a small ruined palace with colorful frescoes on the walls and another ancient building is nearby. Often newly married couples can be seen walking around the edge of Mansar, as it is considered auspicious for their future well being.

Mahor Gadh Ruins

The mysterious ruins of Mahor Garh, nobody knows who built them or why - are reached from Mansar.

Celebrations At Mansar

Every year around Baisakhi, a food and crafts festival is organized here by the J&K tourism. Towards the end of May each year there is a major festival at Mansar in which the folk spirit of the Dogra people is reflected in exuberant singing and dancing. Later the 'Chhing' festival features wrestling bouts with wrestlers invited from near and far to display their prowess. These festivities are repeated in a number of villages in the area, one after the other.

How to Get There:

Road: Regular buses ply from Jammu to reach Mansar Lake.